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Earn from Fileserve

Earn from Fileserve

Here is a guide to earn decent money online with the help of Mediafire and Fileserve

Fileserve ia a filehost site like rapidshare, Hotfile and megaupload which pays you for no. of download of your uploaded content.
Earn easy Money from Fileserve
This is a BASIC and VERY simple Guide.
The BEST part is that no matter What your Upload Speed is. It takes the same time for everyone. Why? becouse we use remote upload here . How ? Explained below -


Getting What’s REQUIRED!
Earn easy money from fileserve
Once signing up is done lets move to remote uploading.

What is Remote uploading ?

When there is a transfer of data from a remote system to another remote system, the process is called “remote uploading”. This is used by some online file hosting service
it doesn’t use a bit of your bandwidth and uploads 100z mb of data in seconds ;)
Remote uploading from Mediafire to Fileserve –>
1) Open mediafire link which you want to remote upload on Fileserve. e.g,
2) Right click on ” click here to start download ” & select ” copy link location ” as explained in image below -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3) Once done you’ll get a url which will look like this -


4) now open your Fileserve account and select upload option -
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5) select Remote upload from there and paste your copied link location there like this -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

6)  Click on upload and the links will be added n queue, after a few seconds the files will be uploaded and you can see them listed on your My Files page
7) To get the links of the files you just need to select them and Fileserve will provide you with the linksto the files

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

8) You are done with remote uploading from mediafire to Fileserve ;)
9) So this is how you can upload from mediafire and other forums to your Fileserve account but just uploading is not worth of earning, you’ll have to make people download your stuff and for that you should post your uploaded links in various forums ;)
here is a list of main forums which i suggest you to start -


Few things to keep in mind when starting

1) Unlike other filehosts Fileserve pay for download from all the countries so you can also put your links on Indian forums, you will earn from there too.
2)Minimum payout is $20 which is very easy to make as once you have posted your links in these forums you’ll get good no. of downloads.

3)Dont just upload anything but upload good and fresh stuff which is in demand .

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